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Your gateway to most of El Salvador’s amazing places, including Mayan ruins, historic cities, eco-adventures, surf packages, and more! Since 2001 we have operated happy tours to El Salvador for groups, IN SHAPE, cruise lines and more.

But Intertours goes a step forward by also offering flights to any destination in the world through we are the most complete option in tourism and travel in El Salvador and Central America

25 years ago in San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America; A company was born whose vision was to take Salvadorans to show them the world, offering quality services in order to consolidate itself as the most complete travel agency.

That is how Inter Tours was born, a travel agency in El Salvador exporting tourism from El Salvador internationally, offering products and services for plane tickets, cruises, excursions to the United States, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East and South America.

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Address: Paseo Escalón Condominio Balam Quitze
1a, San Salvador, El Salvador.
Phone: (503) 2263-6188

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